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William E. Nutt

Stone Sculptures in Marble, Limestone and Dolomite

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I'm William Nutt, a Stone Sculptor & Stone Carver. Thank you for visiting my website. Here you'll find general information about stone carvings, my motivations to become a stone sculptor and an updated gallery of my one-of-a-kind stone sculptures. My work as a stone carver ranges from quite accurate representational carvings to completely abstract sculpture. You'll find reliefs and complete work in-the-round, in carvings both large and small. Many of my stone carvings have a nautical or an animal theme.

Stone sculptors work with many different types of rock. As a stone sculptor, I work primarily in Vermont marbles. Using local marble allows me to be highly selective in my choice of stone, and I generally go to the quarries to select my own rocks. Vermont offers a wide variety of stone that allows the stone carver to work with rock ranging from the white of the Danby marbles, to the black of the Champlain Black, to the colored rock from Swanton and West Rutland. You'll see all of these represented in my gallery of marble sculptures. Sculptors have been using these marbles for generations, and our stone sculptures will last for many generations to come.

Adding one of my sculptures to your collection or home shows your understanding of the enduring nature and power of this artistic medium, the beauty of sculpture and the craftsmanship involved in creating each unique sculptural piece.

Be sure to browse the rest of my site and check out the marble sculptures gallery where you'll find various examples of my sculpture in stone. Of course, sculptors ideally want people to view our work in person. In order to truly appreciate my stone sculptures, I invite you to plan a visit to my Vermont sculpting studio. Please contact me to arrange a tour and see a working stone sculptor and his art.

William Nutt
Stone Sculptor & Stone Carver

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