Polar Bear Cub carved stone animal sculpture

Hand Carved Stone Animals

Puffin carved stone animal sculpture

As you look through my site you'll see that much of my work encompasses carved stone animals. The sizes range from what I call small carved stone animals (weighing under 100 lbs.) to 2,000 pound large marble sculptures of carved stone animals. Animals are perhaps my favorite sculptural subject.

Making a hand carved stone animal is quite a lengthy process. Once I have selected an animal, I will extensively study it. Optimally this includes study in the wild, but due to the uncooperative nature of such beasts and the difficulty of travel, I make extensive use of books and photographs. I have to learn the essence of the animal along with the anatomy necessary to bring out the true nature of the animal.

Komoda Dragon carved stone animal sculpture
Komoda Dragon
Champlain Black (Marble/Limestone)
8 x 30 x 13 in.

Once Iíve developed a good feel for the beast I work out the basic pose and composition in conjunction with selecting an appropriate stone to make the carved stone animal. Typically Iíll make some crude drawings and then a maquette (small model) in clay. The piece must look right and have a personality and attitude. It also must "fit in the stone."

Having settled on a design and stone, the next step is to figure out the "methods." Hand carved stone animals (like most sculpture) have to be carved in a certain way in a certain order. Otherwise youíre pretty much guaranteed failure for your carved stone animal sculpture. Once all this is done Iím ready to start carving. It is a long slow process, starting with diamond saws and chisels and ending with sandpaper and polishing compounds.

White Rhino carved stone animal sculpture
White Rhino
Champlain Black (Marble/Limestone)

Check out all of my hand carved stone animals in the marble sculptures gallery. I think you'll agree the results are well worth my effort and painstaking attention to detail.

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