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Octopus Nautical Sculpture

As a result of having spent the summers of my youth on the coast of Maine, the sea is in my blood and my psyche. Hence, much of my work incorporates marine art and often can be classified as nautical sculpture. My marine sculptures includes both animals and sailboats. I have carved marine sculptures of walruses, polar bears, seals, whales, and shells to name a few animal subjects.

Pelican's Foot Nautical Sculpture
Pelican's Foot
Swanton Red (Dolomite)
8 x 31 x 18 in.

Marine sculptures such as sailboats and ships are difficult subjects to carve in stone, particularly in the round. I have found that a medium stone relief is the best way to handle a sailboat sculpture. Stone reliefs of sailing ships have become a trademark nautical sculpture for me. To date, all of the sailboat reliefs I have carved are based on nineteenth century sailing ship designs. I find them the most esthetically pleasing.

Black Katrina Nautical Sculpture
Black Katrina
Champlain Black (Marble/Limestone)
57 x 58 x 9 in.

One project that I am currently working on is to carve all of the Americaís Cup winners up through the Shamrock IV/Resolute series of 1920. So far, Iíve done schooners America and Sappho.

I'm often asked, how is the best way to display a stone relief sculpture. To me the absolute best way is to build a stone fireplace with the stone reliefs incorporated into the masonry. (That may sound extreme, but I do have a customer that is planning an addition onto his house to allow for more sculpture.)

Alternatively, stone reliefs can be let into existing stone work.

More likely such marine sculptures would be held nearly vertical in a varnished wooden stand. This makes the work suitable for placement on a table or similar horizontal surface. I have made a number of these stands and they work quite well to display your nautical sculpture relief.

Another option is to hang the stone relief sculpture on a wall. To do this I have made a wrought iron hanger which when combined with a reasonably robust fitting in the wall can easily support a couple hundred pounds.

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