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Snake Sculpture in Stone

Types of Stone Sculptures... Stone Sculptures can be divided up in a number of different ways. The first division I make is between stone reliefs and stone sculptures in-the-round.

Stone Reliefs Sculptures

A stone relief sculpture is when an image, the sculptural subject, is sculpted into a relatively flat piece of rock. Stone reliefs are commonly further divided up into shallow, medium and deep stone reliefs. In shallow relief sculpture in stone, the depth of the cuts are pretty much the minimum to render the subject, whereas in medium stone reliefs the carving goes to about half of the real world physical depth of the subject matter. In a deep stone relief sculpture the subject is almost completely freed from the stone. Below is an example of a medium relief sculpture in stone. It is based on the Schooner America, the sailing ship that started the America’s Cup.

Schooner America Sculpture in Stone
Schooner America
Champlain Black (Marble/Limestone)
19 x 25 x 4 in.

In-the-round Sculpture in Stone

Stone sculptures in-the-round is exactly that - a full three dimensional carving, typically designed to be viewed from all sides. The sea lion below is an example.

Sea Lion Stone Sculptures
Sea Lion
Champlain Black (Marble/Limestone)
18 x 20 x 18 in.

Abstract vs. Representational Sculpture in Stone

There is also the division between abstract and representational stone sculptures. The division seems obvious, but in reality it is not always quite so clear. Many examples of sculpture in stone can be interpreted both ways. For example one can represent an animal in an abstract manner. Yet it may be clear what the beast is. From my perspective the debate is purely academic and not really an issue for a working artist.

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