Art is an expression of our soul

Why is art said to be the expression of the soul, and how the two are actually connected? Art is actually a skill to express in a sound, text, color or a line, which does not rely on reason or the power of the mind, but on the pure emotion felt at the moment.

Definition of Soul?

The soul is the holiest and purest part of us, a sanctuary with all the knowledge and all that we need, but often we are not aware of it.

Our minds and soul are not the same. Sometimes we get so caught up in our messy heads that we forget to listen to the whisper of our soul that is actually our subconscious, intuition, a voice from within. This is where all our inspiration lays, hence all our ideas, creations, desires for creation. It is a well-known fact, that many artists have created their greatest and most famous acts subconsciously. They would hear a melody in their dreams, or they would experience an adventure that they would eventually portray in the book. Albert Einstein, a famous theoretical physicist used to say: I’m an artist enough to draw on my imagination, and imagination is more important than knowledge.

Artist and the art

Artists are a miracle in the world because their works are liberating as they live in their own world, cut from pure and sincere emotions and a small dose of insanity, while “ordinary” people are locked in their offices every day, trapped between the walls of their room, cluttered with work and voices, saying what they should do next. Such people are often unhappy and not on peace with themselves, and when they listen to classical music, watch a theater play, read an interesting book, they come out of their shells and indulge in something new, and it brings relaxation, stress relief, and indescribable pleasure. Art is not something that should be taught; art is at the heart of every human.